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Silhouette Day a Huge Success!

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Yesterday was Silhouette Day at the store, we welcomed famed  artist Erik Johnson. The day was off to a lovely start with coffee (juice for the kids)  and mini cinnamon rolls, as the first of the appointments came through the doors. Erik was set up in the “second room” of the store, with plenty of natural sunlight and fresh air. Paper stacked in piles on the table in front of him, very sharp scissor around his neck, Erik was off with a bang, twins!

Each silhouette took approximately 5 minutes, from newborns to school aged children, everyone left thrilled with their silhouette. To keep the children occupied while they sat for the session, Erik used modern technology; a portable dvd player with “Finding Nemo” on play. Like magic, children sat upon the stool to watch Nemo, thereby facing them in the proper direction. OK, let’s be honest, not every child wanted to sit there. Erik worked like a true professional through melt downs and tantrums, always sunny and bright, engaging children for the few extra minutes it would take to complete their keepsake.

We had such a successful day that Erik stayed with us an extra 2 hours in addition to the planned 4pm cut off. People through the door who saw what was happening and wanted to take part were not turned away. We can’t thank him enough for being so gracious to us and our customers.  When it was all said and done,  100 silhouettes were completed. Each a dead on rendition of the child. It was amazing to watch and fun to take part in. We plan to ask Erik back to the store soon, just in time for Christmas.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to Erik for spending the day with us. Thanks also to all of you that came out to join us for the memorable day.




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