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Silhouettes are back!

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Remember back in June when all we could talk about was silhouette artist Erik Johnson? We were so overwhelmed by his talent and  our customers interest that we just had to ask him back. The time has come! October 3oth from 10am -4pm, world renowned artist Erik Johnson will join us again at Growing Up in Belmont.

If you missed the chance to bring your child/children into the first set of sessions that we offered, you will not want to make that mistake again! What Erik is able to do in just 5 minutes was amazing. He works so well with even the squirmiest of children, speaking to them gently as he entices them to face the correct direction. Within 5 minutes parents are handed a dead on replication of their child in silhouette.

This set of sessions is perfectly timed for early Christmas shopping. Grandparents and family  will adore a framed silhouette of the kids. A timeless gift that will be cherished for many years to come. It’s one of those unexpected and unique gifts that is so worth the small cost.

Sign up for your time slot today! It’s free to reserve a space.

Silhouettes by Erik Johson


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We are a children's resale boutique in Belmont, MA with a wide selection of gently used, brand-name boys & girls clothes, maternity clothes, toys, books, and gear. Coming soon: women's resale clothes.

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