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Silhouette Day a Huge Success!

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Yesterday was Silhouette Day at the store, we welcomed famed  artist Erik Johnson. The day was off to a lovely start with coffee (juice for the kids)  and mini cinnamon rolls, as the first of the appointments came through the doors. Erik was set up in the “second room” of the store, with plenty of natural sunlight and fresh air. Paper stacked in piles on the table in front of him, very sharp scissor around his neck, Erik was off with a bang, twins!

Each silhouette took approximately 5 minutes, from newborns to school aged children, everyone left thrilled with their silhouette. To keep the children occupied while they sat for the session, Erik used modern technology; a portable dvd player with “Finding Nemo” on play. Like magic, children sat upon the stool to watch Nemo, thereby facing them in the proper direction. OK, let’s be honest, not every child wanted to sit there. Erik worked like a true professional through melt downs and tantrums, always sunny and bright, engaging children for the few extra minutes it would take to complete their keepsake.

We had such a successful day that Erik stayed with us an extra 2 hours in addition to the planned 4pm cut off. People through the door who saw what was happening and wanted to take part were not turned away. We can’t thank him enough for being so gracious to us and our customers.  When it was all said and done,  100 silhouettes were completed. Each a dead on rendition of the child. It was amazing to watch and fun to take part in. We plan to ask Erik back to the store soon, just in time for Christmas.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to Erik for spending the day with us. Thanks also to all of you that came out to join us for the memorable day.




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Just in time for Father’s Day

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On June 6th from 10am-4pm Silhouette Artist Erik Johnson will be creating his timeless hand cut silhouettes at Growing Up.  Erik is a 3rd generation silhouette artist who can cut the silhouettes in approximately 5 minutes. That is amazing to me. So many of our customers (and myself) have silhouettes of their own from when they were children, proving this to be an extraordinary keepsake to have in your family. Not to mention, a fantastic gift for Father’s Day.

It’s Warmer Weather: At Which Playground Will We See You?

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As you can tell from looking out the window — or from all our pleas for consigned summer wear — warmer weather is headed our way. Where do you go with your children locally to enjoy the great outdoors during this time? Growing Up is lucky to be so close to the Beaver Brook Reservation’s sprinkler park — just down Trapelo Road. Another nearby treat is Victory Field in Watertown which has a squishy-surfaced playground for the preschoolers and another one for the big kids.

"two children at playground"

Can you guess this local playground?

Adjacent Arlington has two family favorites: Menotomy Park is a great oasis and known for its letterboxing. Robbins Farm in Arlington Heights is a super place for kite flying.

If you’d like more information on these parks, or if you’re looking for something else, try out the new Website Plaground Hunt, the most comprehensive guide to playgrounds in Massachusetts. Using Google Maps, this interative Website uses location to point you toward playground reviews. Thanks to our Facebook fans for this and all the other great tips about playgrounds in the greater Belmont area! See you at the swingset.

Great Reasons to Visit Cushing Square

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For many in Belmont, Cushing Square used to be a place one would drive by en route from Point A to Point B – say, from town center to Watertown. Now, it’s a place where one stops, shops, meets up with friends, and considers a “destination.” We couldn’t be happier to be part of this neighborhood!

Common Street is a great place for bargain hunters. Of course, we’d be remiss in not tooting our own horn – we offer sweet prices on gently used children’s clothing and gear, as well as maternity clothing. Women who seek clothes beyond nursing tops and stretch-panel jeans go across the street to Revolve. Revolve, another mom-owned business, sells consigned better-brand clothing and accessories (think Diesel jeans and Louis Vuitton bags) at reasonable prices.

For those who need fuel before a shopping jaunt or a refuel after a big splurge, we have a gorgeous Starbucks with a Clover brewing system. Kitchen on Common is a great place to eat – the food there is not only delicious, but most often also locally-sourced and organic.

No trip to Cushing Square is complete without a trip to Ben Franklin, a place full of crafts, toys, housewares – all with an old-fashioned five-and-dime feel.

These are just a few suggestions on what to do in our neighborhood. If you’re a regular to this area, please post your tip for shopping in the Square.

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In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

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It is now officially spring! Bostonians have just begun to get out of their winter caves and think about warmer weather.

The change of seasons always means it’s busy here at Growing Up. Parents begin to clean out their closets of spring and summer clothes that no longer fit their kids. These parents, and tons others, are also seeking good consignment bargains for warm weather clothing and gear — shorts, bathing suits, flip-flops, sundresses, riding toys, and so on. Each day, we accept tons of spring and summer clothes, sort through them, price the keepers, and get them put out for sale. Just as soon as we put them on the racks, we have to hop back to the register to ring in purchases — we simply cannot keep warm weather goods in stock!

We mention this for two reasons. First, please continue to consign your spring and summer goods with us. We’re open seven days a week and no appointment is necessary.

Second, Growing Up is a mom-owned business. We are a staff of two who can’t remember the last day we took a day off. We’re busy, but it’s for a good reason: we’re receiving and giving you the best children consignment goods in the area. Sometimes it might seem to a first-time visitor that our store is “messy” — we’ve seen some reviews to this effect. But once you get to know us, you’ll know that it sometimes can’t be helped — especially now that we’ve expanded to include a children play area.

Even the highly-staffed, overly-sterile GAP can see disorder from time to time. Let this video show you!

Thanks for your understanding and your continued business. Hope to see you soon.

6 Ways to Green Your Shopping at Growing Up

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Were any of your New Year’s resolutions about being greener? Or have you been trying to generally be better to the earth? While we can’t help you churn your compost bin, we can help you with the following tips to make your trip to Growing Up a more earth-friendly event:

  1. Take the MBTA. We are a stone’s throw from Bus #73. If you live close enough, walk, stroll, or bike on over.
  2. If the above modes of transport aren’t an option, ride with a friend who wants to shop or consign at the store.
  3. Bring your own shopping bag. We like the inexpensive UnWrapped bags made in Lowell and sold in some Whole Foods. Or don’t use any bag — carry your goods in/out in your hands or the storage part of a stroller.
  4. Print out coupons or directions using Print Friendly.
  5. Keep a list of things you want to buy on the back of an old envelope — or online using a site like Evernote (which has mobile capabilities).
  6. Reduce “stuff” in your house by participating in our child and travel gear rental program.

Are there other ways you shop green at Growing Up? Anything else we should add to this list?